Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dreams. . .

I have always had very vivid dreams. Most of the time they are crazy and make no sense whatsoever. When I was a kid I had some pretty scary ones---some were reoccurring and I would be afraid to go to sleep some nights b/c I would be afraid to have them again. One in particular that I still remember---I would dream that I was dreaming and I would "wake up" and really feel like I woke up but would actually still be sleeping. (Does that make sense?)  At that point my bedroom door would open and this lady that looked like a witch would come in and start walking toward my bed and I would be frozen and unable to move or scream or anything. It was horrible. Then I would wake up for real and be scared to death that I wasn't really awake. I'm praying against things like this for my children. Anyway---I had a horrible dream last night that I was holding Riley and trying to clean up a broken wine glass that Hayley knocked over in and around my bathtub. (I spend so much time in my bath sipping on glasses of wine---must be where that one came from)  : )     I was worried about her stepping on the glass so I was telling her to get away and picking up the glass and I heard splashing and looked down and Riley was completely submerged in the bath---face up looking straight at me. I had somehow managed to drop her in the bath without knowing it. I reached down to get her out and couldn't get a grip on her with my free hand---the other one had broken glass in it. I finally was able to get her out and she had been holding her breath the whole time and was perfectly fine---no coughing, no crying---just fine!  There was more after that----like I left Hayley in a hotel room to watch Riley while I took Jack to some soccer game. But when I went to check on them really quickly---I guess I just left Jack with the "team"--- Riley was closer to 3 years old and Hayley hadn't changed ages, but they were just laying in a bed playing.  WEIRD, huh?  Not sure why I decided to blog about this. If anyone has an interpretation you would like to share, feel free to do so! I believe the Lord still speaks to us in our dreams and it is possible He is saying something to me through these. It is also possible that I simply have vivid, crazy dreams. : )  

On an totally different subject---any Biggest Loser fans glad to see who went home last night? I won't write the name in case anyone hasn't caught up on DVR yet. : )  I LOVE that show. Tra and I are in the middle of se
ason 2 of Prison Break. It's one similar to 24 where every episode leaves you unable to turn it off until you see "just one more."  And we've been LOST fans since day 1. Another show I really like and that I watch in the afternoon sometimes during naptime is Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. And last thing---while I'm on my tv topic---is everyone aware that Beth Moore is on "Life Today" with James and Betty Robison on the Daystar channel every Wednesday?? She speaks for about 20 minutes on certain topics and it is SO good. Today's was especially good---about renouncing strongholds in your life and the power of our words and the power the spoken word has over the Enemy.  Gotta have my "Beth fix" every week! That woman is overflowing the the Holy Spirit like no other person I know! So thankful for people like her in my life who can help steer me in the right direction in my daily walk. 

Last story for this random post---The other day I was at Chesley's house making a "special delivery" and about to leave. I was looking for Jack and couldn't find him. I called his name a couple of times and asked Calista (who was also at Chesley's) if she had seen him. She gave me the weirdest look as if t
o say, "What do you mean have I seen him?"  As I was processing her look I realized. . . I was HOLDING HIM. Yes---I could very possibly be losing my MIND!!  : )  Gotta love "mommy brain."  

And here are the reasons for my loss of brain cells---I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING!! Thanks, Nana, for the fun package you sent!! Getting ready for Easter!! 

And look at that little Riley smile---most likely laughing at one of the bunnies!  


Kelly Vaughn said...

Oh my word Shelley, this post is great! Random reflections from the mind of a mother with multiple children...constant thoughts in many directions, bizarre and responsible....the comment about asking where Jack is and you realize you are holding him....I have done that so many times...whenever we are out somewhere,I am always counting all 4 of my children...So many times I am looking for and asking for that last one and they are in my arms...all that to say..your words comfort me in a crazy way...I am not alone!!!
Blessings Friend,
Kelly V

Courtney said...

Oddly enough, this all sounded very normal to me. I had a horrifying dream the other night about two friends - still don't know why I would dream something like that!!! John has the exact same recurring dream whenever he runs a fever - isn't that strange?! All that to say, sounds like a mom to me! I love you no matter how many crazy dreams you have or how many children you can't find while holding them! (Oh, and I didn't know anyone else still loved "Millionaire!")

Julia said...

I love that you were holding Jack wondering where he was! That's totally something I would do. And the weird dreams - I had one the other night that Summer was really African-American, but after 13 or so years of friendship I had never noticed - and I was priding myself on being color blind! Wow - what in the world do these things mean?!? Thanks for sharing the ya!

Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing your dream . . .I love hearing about crazy dreams, and I love telling about mine!! My sweet hubby is not interested at all in hearing about dreams (he has so many other good qualities, though, that I'll overlook that! he!), so I love it when I can share a really crazy one myself. The craziest ones were always right before or after having a baby ...good times. And I, too, frequently am looking for something/someone and discover it was in my possession all along. You aren't crazy or losing your mind. You are MOM! Blessings -

Ashlee said...

I can't wait to hear the interpretation of that dream. No help from here, sorry! I miss seeing you-what service are you going to? Your baby is growing up too quick! Loved reading your "thoughts!"

Summer said...

I laughed out loud when I read Julia's dream about me. Maybe she dreamed that because when she visited me a month ago, I had downloaded several rap tunes to my ipod and I am so good at "droppin' it like it's hot!" Chad is not as impressed with my dancing skills, but Ava likes to have dance parties with me. Pretty soon, she'll be way too cool, but for now, we love to rock out together!

ANYWAY, I had a very prophetic dream last week in which my children and I were being hunted down by a HUGE (5X the normal size) lion, which we new to be satan. We would run and find these small shacks to hide in, and I would tell Ava to pray scripture with me. Literally as the lion was about to pounce, the shack would become a fortress brick by brick as we spoke scripture out loud. When I woke up, I was so convicted to pray scripture over my children!

Shelley said...

Hey... I do remember you, too. I came across your blog once awhile back and then never found you again. I may have to add you to my regulars. My maiden name was Everett. I think my hubby Will knows Tra. Anyway, hope the "3 kids" things is going OK. It was really tough for me at first. Take care!!!