Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol

This is the first season I followed American Idol the entire season. Tra isn't as much of a fan, so I tevo'd it and would watch it at random times when he was gone, naptimes, etc. I've watched several finales though b/c it is so much fun seeing the winner announced, seeing their family's reaction, their reaction, etc. So last night Tra was out of town and I was down from putting kids down in record timing DYING to see who would win this year. So I get to the part where Jordan and Blake are standing together, the envelope is being handed over and the MENU screen pops up saying the recording is over. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? I thought SURELY it was a mistake---oh no. No mistake. So I called my mom to get the scoop and totally had the wind knocked out of my sails the rest of what was left of the night. I MISSED IT!!!! : ( So if anyone happens to still have it on YOUR tevo (however you spell that) please save it for me and invite me to come over and watch it. : )

Sidenote: For those of you who know my cousin Mandy (Baldwin) Hawes, she has started a BLOG!!! She's on my list----Welcome to Blogland, Mandy!!! It's a fun place to be!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Imaginary Friends

I am finally feeling better and not requiring a nap every day during Hayley's and Jack's naptime, so I'm hoping to be better about blogging more frequently. I'm finishing up week 10 of the pregnancy and happy to be close to the end of trimester #1. I cannot complain even a little bit about it though, b/c I am fully functioning and able to eat and keep food down. Christine, if you are reading blogs, I'm still praying for you that your sickness will subside. I wish so much there was more I could do for you and your family. I saw your precious Jack today and he is as cute as ever.

Okay--now for the connection to the blog title. Yesterday Hayley informed me that she was headed outside to see the ducks (our new "pets" that live in the pond next to our house---a mama and 12 babies) and that she was going to see if her friend "Nucy" was here to play today.

I said, "You have a friend Lucy who plays with you outside?" She said, "No! NOO-SEE!" Ohhhh. Like Lucy, but Nucy. So off she went. She came in later and I asked if Nucy was here today and she responded, "Nope."

My sister and I had 3 "imaginary friends" growing up. Their names were Nusha (pronounced "noo-shuh"), New Ryan, and Muh-Muh. We played with them a lot and I still have a mental picture of what Nusha and New Ryan looked like. So when I heard Hayley had one it got me thinking. I just wonder. . . are they imaginary? Or are we TOLD they are imaginary and that we are making it up in our heads? Did anyone else have "imaginary friends" growing up? I'd love to hear if you did and what their names were. : ) So I've decided not to call Nucy her "imaginary friend" but to treat her as if she IS here and that somehow she is related to Nusha and like Courtney said, "Maybe we have some family guardian angels hanging around." Kind of neat to think about.

My parents' 34th Anniversary is today. What a special day! And what a blessing it is to have them love each other more today than ever. What a gift to have their example for us and our children of a Christ-centered marriage. I love you guys and am proud to be your daughter!

Here are some recent pictures of Hayley and Jack. We've had a trip to Austin to "Nana's and Big D's house," a fabulous Mother's Day, a trip to the zoo---just the 3 of us, lots of playing outside w/ these gorgeous days, and the last day of school was this past Thursday! We're all looking forward to our fun summer days ahead!

Being silly

Gettin' muddy (she ended up taking the other shoe off and coming to the back door w/ mud everywhere!) Why didn't I get a picture of that???

Our new pets
A very happy Mother's Day

Jack loves playing with daddy!