Thursday, September 20, 2012


I need to put more pictures on this computer since it is the only one I use lately. This is a really old picture but captures my sweet boy pretty well! It's so late and I really should be sleeping, but I had to jot down a few things about my second-born and my one and only BOY! He is now 6 1/2. He LOVES transformers. (understatement) He has lost 2 bottom teeth and one on top (but it was pulled out by the dentist over a year ago). He was MADE for sisters. He loves them. He is a HOMEBODY. It takes a lot to get him excited to go anywhere...he's so content and happy just to be at home. He is in 1st grade this year and homeschooling and doing so well. I'm so very proud of him. His best friend is his cousin Scout and 2nd best is is cousin Ryder. It makes my heart happy to see those boys adore each other like they do. He has always been my laid-back, chilled out kid. Still is---although he can be a drama king every now and then. He is fiercely competitive to a fault. It's hilarious and frightening all at the same time. He loves the Lord with his whole heart. He is a worshipper. He is an evangelist. I have heard him more than once ask kids in chick-fil-a or McDonald's play areas if they know God. He hates wet and throw up. In that order. Don't dare touch him with a semi-wet hand from washing dishes or you'll get some of that "drama" I mentioned earlier. He's an entertainer. He LOVES to be crazy and crack us up. And I love to be crazy and crack HIM up. : )

One of my favorite Jack stories is this past April he was climbing a tree in our front yard and got his leg stuck--and I mean it was STUCK--between the two trunks that made up the tree. I was BIG pregnant and Tra was not home. I could NOT get his leg out. I started to panic. I said in a not so nice voice, "Don't EVER climb a tree in this yard again!!" And he responds as he bursts into tears, "Well WHY DID GOD MAKE THEM THEN????" (We got his leg unstuck after several minutes and I took back my comment.)

He is so sweet, but he is also, ummmm, needing some training on how to express himself more gracefully when it comes to talking to women. For example, since I had Sydney (baby #6) in July, he says several times a week, "There's that BIG OLE TUMMY again."
And I'll close with tonight's comments at bedtime in order:
While reading a book to him before bed, "Ewww. I do NOT like the smell of your breath. What did you EAT??"  (garlic bread at dinner)
After kissing him goodnight, "Hey mom---I think you need to go to that class again that helps you learn how to be a better mommy. (referring to the Sally Clarkson conference I attended last Feb--which I LOVED and it changed my life for real) Because remember this morning when you were like, "YOU PUT TOO MUCH WATER IN YOUR OATMEAL!!!!!" (after having Sydney we have taken some short-cuts with breakfast and I taught them how to make their own instant oatmeal in the microwave) I believe it is now time to go back to oatmeal on the stove that I make so there are no more explosions. : )

I WILL be signing up for the Sally Clarkson conference again this year. And I just signed up for Weight Watchers tonight. : )  So so thankful for my precious, fun, tenderhearted, imperfect, yet perfect JACK.