Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy for this family I don't even know, but I ran across on Kylie's blog. Please join me in lifting them up to our Father. I really can't begin to imagine the pain they are experiencing.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm so behind on blogging! Here are a few pictures to try and catch up. And this is random, but THREE of my friends went into labor today! Only one has actually had her baby so far---yay, Summer! But I thought that was wild that all 3 went into labor on the same day.

The "waterpark" in our backyard. (That's what Hayley called it.) We got it for her party and it was a HIT! Even one of her aunts got crazy and played in it. : )

I love this picture! Hayley and John have been friends since she was born! More friends!! Jack, Jillian and EmmaHayley and Jack getting ready for daddy to slide down the waterslide! This was after the party and after some much needed naps!First day of school!! I think this picture is hilarious. They are both loving school this year! Jack walks in, walks straight to his room and waits in front of the door until Ms. Heather opens it and he just walks right in w/o looking back! Ms. Heather was Hayley's teacher last year and all summer. We LOVE her!

He got this backpack for his 1st birthday---and it's perfect! : ) (He did wear shoes to school, by the way.) Aunt Tara, Uncle Dwight and Scout gave her this uniform for her b-day! Future Wildcat Cheerleader???
Or future artist??? This is her latest thing----PAINTING! We get out the paints multiple times each day. I bet she has painted at LEAST 30 things in the past week or so. It's so fun to see her discover things that she is truly interested in. I was watching her tonight and thinking, "She's actually getting pretty good at this!" Notice how much straighter her hair looks in this picture. It's called "Bed Head." The first thing she wants to do in the mornings---even before breakfast--is paint. Not sure where she gets that. The first thing I wake up thinking is, "MUST GET CEREAL." (While thinking, "I REALLY wish I could have a cinnamon roll this morning!") It's late and I'm hungry---can you tell?? : )