Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy for this family I don't even know, but I ran across on Kylie's blog. Please join me in lifting them up to our Father. I really can't begin to imagine the pain they are experiencing.


Kendra said...

I just spent a long time going through their blog and wondering how in the world do you deal with that pain, with the loss, with the months of knowing the fate of your child and then living through it?? I pray the Lord blesses that sweet family in ways I don't have adequate words for. Wow.

mindy tyndall said...

I have been following this family's story for some time. I can't even imagine the feelings, the confusion, the amazing sense of loss. But, I can imagine this little angel in the arms of Jesus - and I am praying that will give this family comfort.
Hugs -

Courtney said...

Okay, not sure I should have read that. It all comes flooding back so quickly and, almost three years later, it is still completely overwhelming. I will pray that the incredible amount of people obviously supporting this family will remember two things. One, this goes on long after everyone has returned to their normal lives and assumes you have too. And two, while the lion's share of the grief is definitely felt by the parents and sibling, there are many others who have loved and invested so much of themselves in the life of this little one and feel they have no right to even ask for the prayers and support of others. It is huge for the entire family. Oh, how I beg God for miraculous peace for this family. He is good. All the time.