Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I bet you didn't know. . .

. . . Hayley and Jack LOVE Disco!! Click HERE to see their latest moves!

(Thanks, Courtney, for the inspiration!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baby of mine. . .

I went in for my final sonogram today, anxiously anticipating getting to sneak a peek at his/her little face or profile, but my sweet little one faced my spine the entire sonogram!! Kind of a bummer, but makes me that much more excited to see him/her in a few more weeks. The first thing the sonographer said was, "WHOA!! Look at all that HAIR!!" : ) I just laughed. I think that's the first thing she said at Hayley's AND Jack's 32 week sonograms too! The baby is also measuring around 5 pounds already! I know they can be a little off give or take a pound or so, but from my history (a 9 pounder and an 8 pounder) I'm sure they're close being right on! All measurements were closer to 34 weeks today and my dr. said provided my "cervix is ripe enough" he'll induce around 38 1/2 to 39 weeks! So there is a SLIM chance that I will end up with a November baby, but like I told my dr. today---my kids tend to be really comfy in there and don't come out any earlier than they absolutely have to. We shall see! It was an exciting day, even though I have NO idea what this baby is or what it looks like. (Besides being "chunky" and having a head full of hair.) : ) It's so hard to believe we're so close to the end---or should I say "beginning." : )

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You know you need to cut back on Starbucks when. . .

. . . you overhear your 3 year old ordering a "vanilla latte--extra hot" at the "drive thru" (changing table in the laundry room). BUSTED!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Our Favorites. . .

***I just deleted half of my entry b/c I started getting paranoid about putting the actual locations of my favorite places on my blog. A psycho kid stalker would know right where to find us! So sorry for the randomness of this blog now--- : )

Today we went to one of our favorite parks to play. My kids LOVE it and so do I!

Afterwards, we went to one of our favorite McDonald's that is pretty close to where we live. But our VERY favorite McDonald's is actually kind of a long way from us. They have a thing that has stairs to climb up to get to the slide, so little people like Jack can climb up by themselves and get to the slide! At all the other ones, Hayley will pull him up to each step to help him get to the top---it's hilarious to watch. You can hear her the whole time grunting and saying, "Come on, Buddy! We're almost there!" Quite the workout for a 3 year old! : )

A fun treat today at McDonald's---one of Hayley's teachers at YCW this year is Ms. Sharla who happened to be my big sis in club at ACU!! She showed up right after us and we got to visit and catch up while our kids played. By the way---Mindy and Christine if you read this (which I'm sure you will) Hayley misses being in class with Jack!! I realized right after we started this year that if we wanted to start her in Kindergarten on time (even though she will be the very youngest in her class), that we needed to get her on track at YCW. And it made more sense for her to skip the 2's and go to the 3's than to skip next year. It was weird to realize, "Oh my goodness---she's supposed to start Kindergarten in 2 more years!!" She's doing great in her new class though and I know it was the right choice for her.

Anyone else have more favorites share?

My favorite little girl!My favorite little boy!

I can only say that for about 9 more weeks about one of them! I can't WAIT!!!!