Saturday, May 24, 2008

BIG Announcement. . .

Many of you readers are already aware, but Baby Willbanks #4 is on the way!!! We knew we wanted another child, and although we didn't think the Lord would bless us with him/her THIS fast, we are SO THANKFUL that He has!! His plans are the best! My due date is January 15---just a little over a month away from Riley's FIRST birthday! : )  Hayley will be almost 4 1/2, Jack will turn 3 on Jan. 23, and little Riley gets to be a big sister at 13 months old!! I would never have mapped it out like this, but thankfully I am not in charge and the Lord knows what is best for our growing family! We are so excited about this new addition and can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. We ARE finding out this time---yay!! I'm only 6 weeks at this point, so it's very early, but my sonogram last week looked great and things are right on track. 

So that's our latest news. We are just amazed that almost 4 years ago we were told we might not be able to have any more children after Hayley because of Tra going through chemotherapy. So to have THREE more in this short span of time is just an EXTRA huge blessing. 
I can't believe Riley will be 6 months old week after next! Where has this time gone?? She is such a little doll and we are all in love with her over here. The other day Jack was playing with her on the floor and she was "talking" and smiling at him and Jack said, "Mama, Ri-Tay's tute!" (Riley Kate's cute)  It is so sweet to see how God made Jack AND Hayley with such big hearts for babies. There has never been an ounce of jealousy over her and they actually get really annoyed that she takes so many naps during the day! This morning Hayley announced, "I hear Riley!"  She and Jack took off to her room, and by the time I got there all 3 of them were in her crib! I know I will have my days of exhaustion, insanity and tears, but it's all worth it. What a joy and an honor to be Hayley's, Jack's, Riley's and ????'s MAMA!!  As you seasoned moms will attest, all of us "rookie" moms are going to blink and these little babies are going to be teenagers. Oh Lord, help us all to enjoy every crazy moment with these little ones you have entrusted to our care. Thank you for such PRECIOUS gifts!!!