Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Big Night...

It is almost 1am on February 13 and I have been having contractions 5 minutes apart for 2 hours now. My due date with our sweet Avery Jayne is not until March 3. I feel like this most likely will not be it...that the contractions will subside and we'll have another couple of weeks with her in tact...or will we? I'm sad that I haven't blogged this entire pregnancy. I am in shock that it is almost over tonight! We are all so so excited to meet this new little sister. The kids are getting so anxious to meet her and I love seeing their excitement and hearing their questions. I was gone most of the day today, and when I walked in this evening, Riley asked, "Is Avery still in there?" I am overwhelmed as I think about the Lord choosing to bless us with another little girl. Overwhelmed with joy and such love. It is so exciting to think about another little person running around and interacting with the other 4. And I am ready to spend the next several months holding this baby girl as much as I can, because I will blink and she will be 6. Hayley said to me tonight, "It feels like just yesterday that I was a little baby!" You have NO idea how true that is, sweet Hayley!

Just in case this IS it, and since I can't sleep, here is a little note to my newest daughter:

Precious Avery (supernaturally wise) Jayne (God is gracious),
We have been anticipating your arrival now for 9 months! I want you to know how over the top excited we are to have you join our family!! Every single one of us! You are baby #5--and that is SO special. Not every family gets to have a #5. After we had Mallory in the hospital just 2 years ago, daddy and I sat in that hospital room holding your sister and we both said, "I feel like God has another one for us!" Ohhh how we looked forward to you even then! We have known God had you just for us. And He saved you for this time on purpose. He has great and wonderful plans for you. And as much as we already love you, HE loves you sooooo much more. Your sisters and brother are all so excited to meet you and hold you and play with you! Tonight they were all gathered around my tummy saying hi to you and "patting" you and talking to you. They will walk up to me and give you hugs and say they can't wait to see you! We are going to have LOTS of fun. You are going to be so LOVED you will not believe it! Not only do you have the 6 of us who are so ready for you to be here, you have great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and a TON of friends who are just as excited to get to meet you and love on you. You are blessed, sweet one. While I am content with you "cooking" a little longer if I do not get to see you later today, a bigger part of me REALLY hopes that this time tomorrow night I am snuggling with you in my arms! You are already such a source of joy in our family. We all love you so very much...