Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mallory Grace

So much for downloading a picture on Tuesday! Our sweet little Mallory was born on January 13 at 1:35pm. She was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 3/4 in.  We were VERY surprised to have a baby under 8 pounds!! She is such a good little baby. She is jaundice and under a light going on day #2, but she gets to be at home! We are so happy she is here! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mallory's Birthday!

It is 6:30am and I'm sitting in my hospital bed all hooked up to an IV and being pumped with pitocin and strangely feeling a bit like I'm on vacation at the moment. Tra and I had some sweet time praying blessings over our sweet baby girl who we will hopefully be holding in our arms in a matter of hours! He has gone to get some breakfast and I am watching the news and blogging. No breakfast to make, diapers to change, dishes to wash, clothes to fold, noses to wipe, etc. At this point I'm not in any pain. They've turned up my pitocin 3 times and I'm still not in a regular contraction pattern. So I'm enjoying the next few moments of feeling good and preparing to call for an epidural as soon as these contractions start picking up. I came in at a 2 and 60% effaced and after an hour of pitocin my dr. just came to check me again and I have had no change. His words were, "You've got a long way to go." Love it. My last 2 labors took 7-8 hours. So I'm hoping by 1:00 that this baby will be here!

I wanted to write a little note to Mallory before her birth and I'm running out of time, so here we go!

Mallory Grace,
I am so excited to finally get to see you face to face today! I can't wait to hold you and look at your little fingers and toes, and see your pretty hair (I'm certain you'll have a pretty good amount!), and every part of you that God has so meticulously knitted together over the past 9 months as you have grown inside of me. Your daddy and I (and many others) have prayed for you since before we knew you were even on the way! When we found out that God had blessed us with you 9 months ago we were filled with so many different emotions! We were so surprised because Riley Kate was only 4 months old! When I told daddy that you were growing in my tummy we both just laughed and laughed and thanked God for the sweet, wonderful blessing of you! We knew God gave you to our family for a very special purpose and we are excited to see those purposes for your life unfold. God has great plans for you. He needed you here at this time and has blessed you with 3 older siblings who are beside themselves excited about your arrival. Hayley was talking to you last night as I was putting her to bed. She likes to push on my tummy to "find you" and feel you move and kick. Jack can't wait to hold you! When I say, "Are you excited to see Mallory?" He answers, "Yes, I want to hold her." Riley is pretty clueless about having a new sister, but you 2 are going to be two peas in a pod for the rest of your lives. You are going to have so much fun growing up together being SO close in age! You will not know life without each other. We are all so excited to have you in this family. You are a blessing and we love you so much already!
I love you!

**I hope to post a picture or 2 later on today when she is here!