Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol

This is the first season I followed American Idol the entire season. Tra isn't as much of a fan, so I tevo'd it and would watch it at random times when he was gone, naptimes, etc. I've watched several finales though b/c it is so much fun seeing the winner announced, seeing their family's reaction, their reaction, etc. So last night Tra was out of town and I was down from putting kids down in record timing DYING to see who would win this year. So I get to the part where Jordan and Blake are standing together, the envelope is being handed over and the MENU screen pops up saying the recording is over. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? I thought SURELY it was a mistake---oh no. No mistake. So I called my mom to get the scoop and totally had the wind knocked out of my sails the rest of what was left of the night. I MISSED IT!!!! : ( So if anyone happens to still have it on YOUR tevo (however you spell that) please save it for me and invite me to come over and watch it. : )

Sidenote: For those of you who know my cousin Mandy (Baldwin) Hawes, she has started a BLOG!!! She's on my list----Welcome to Blogland, Mandy!!! It's a fun place to be!


Kara Alexander said...

Our DVR did the same thing!! It's because the show went over into the next one. We were lucky, though--we happened to get caught up to "Live TV" and were able to switch over to the real station once it ended. What a pain! Sorry you missed it. To be honest, the rest of the show was better than the end. Jordin couldn't even sing the song she was crying so hard. I was a little embarrassed for her. Now we know for next season, though! Cheers!

Courtney said...

Ours did the SAME THING!!! Do you know how many people that probably happened to who were watching Lost? Or people like me who don't get done with kids and housework until long after it's over. I was so frustrated!

Julia said...

Same story here! Ditto Courtney - we were watching Lost too. We have actually followed this season of Idol because Emma could watch it with us & enjoyed "the singing show".
I've missed seeing you - I hope we'll get to catch up soon! Thanks for the heads up about Mandy - I'm so pumped!

Chesley said...

I had the same problem!!! We got in super late Thursday night and trying to avoid the winner when it had already be announced was so hard! I started watching at about midnight and fell asleep twice. I was trying so hard to fight through it. Friday morning I woke up and started it again and got to the end just like you and the screen pops up! If I had made it through AI on Thursday night I would have been so mad! After holding my eyes open with toothpicks to try and see the whole show then not even see the winner!

Wade said...

Hey Shelly,

Us, too!

My interest in AI is actually highest at the beginning of the season - I love to watch how the really bad singers react when Simon tells them that they can't sing! But after the auditions I really don't care about AI until the winner is announced.

Kelly tevo'ed the finale so she could go eat dinner with a friend. When curiousity got the best of me around 9:10 I turned it on and watched the last 5 minutes just to see who won . . . Uh-oh!

When Kelly later came home I had to tell her the bad news - although I didn't tell her who won I told her not to stay up to watch it since it got cut off!

I felt her pain since the same thing has happened to so many of my recorded Cowboy games!

Hope you're feeling well!


mindy tyndall said...

My comment really doesn't relate to your subject, but I decided to write it anyway! (I, too, heard the horror stories of the TIVO cutoff - I hate it when that happens!)
But, back to my point...I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the encouragement you have been to our family. You are such a true woman of God and as I watch and follow your lives, I am just honored that I have been able to be in yours. Today, there was a precious photo of Hayley in the bulletin from Baby Dedication, drinking a cup of punch. After I oohed and aahed over it, you came to mind and I realized how very much I miss seeing you. You are one of those people who just brings joy into the room when you enter. Over the past few months, when you have been dealing with stuff yourself, you have stopped to help our family, to pray without ceasing and too encourage us at every turn.
You are such a wonderful Christian example of what a woman of God should be.
Love you so much...miss you, too!

Shelly said...

Mindy--the Lord used you to give me some much needed encouragement today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I adore your family, miss you all as well, and the prayers will continue for you guys. And by the way, watching you guys handle your trials SO gracefully and faithfully has strengthened my faith and the faith of SO many others. What a gift to have each other as brothers and sisters. What a JOY it will be to all be together one sweet day. . . FOREVER!!! love to you---