Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Fun

I love summer time! We've been to the zoo a couple of times, played in the water outside, gone swimming w/ friends, and it's only the first week of June! Lots more fun to have. Here are some pictures of Hayley and Jack having fun in the sun! Skinny dippin at the lake w/ Scout!
Jack looking cool w/ Hayley's sunglasses
First time to ride the train at the zoo. They're having more fun than it looks like they are!Playing outside in our cool "ring-o-water" Looking at the fish at the zoo


Kara Alexander said...

I'm glad you posted again! I'm glad you are able to do so many things--wonderful, wonderful summer. Thank the Lord for this time! I think the train picture is too cute! See you soon!

Linda said...

Shelly, I see some of these pics on wedding videos in the future....too cute....especially the skinny-dipping and the train picture. Little Jack looks so much like Johnny as a toddler! Love you, Linda

Courtney said...

Love your summer pictures! Can't wait to have some summer fun with your crew now that we're home. I'll call you!

Julia said...

We had such a great time with you guys this week. Your kids are so precious & I love being around them (and you of course!). Love ya!