Sunday, July 23, 2006

SIX months old??!!

Is my baby boy REALLY six months old today?? It's just so hard to believe that he is already so grown up. I love my little Jack. He loves people---no matter who you are, if you have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth he'll give you his big gummy grin. He loves to be held---something I prayed for and I'll admit sometimes ask myself why I thought I wanted that?? I do love it. He LOVES his sister. It is so cute to watch him as she walks (or runs) by. He'll immediately focus on her and smile and giggle and squeal. I was telling Tra the other day that I bet he totally wears her out once he's able to get around. She's such an independent player---I can hear it now, "MOM!! Will you tell him to leave me alone????!!" Although she sure loves her little brother. Sometimes when he's napping she'll be playing and randomly say, "I wanna go get Jack-ee!" And when she comes into the living room after a nap or in the morning and Jack is playing, she'll say excitedly, "Jack's awake!!" So sweet. She has always liked to give him his "pappy" (pacifier) from the 1st day he got home from the hospital. He actually stopped taking one around month 3. He has taken after his mama and is a thumb sucker. (I don't suck mine anymore.) Nevertheless, he'll take it from Hayley---even upside down---and suck on it for a little bit before spitting it out. (To which Hayley gives him an exasperated, "Jaa-aack!" What a blessing this little boy is to us each day. I'm so thankful for this
precious gift in our lives! Happy birthday, buddy!

CARROTS!! I can't believe you've been holding out on me! This stuff is delicious!

Some families have bedtime stories. Ours has "Laundry Basket Derby" several nights a week. The dog to the left is Sam. We got him my senior year of high school and he now lives with my granddad. We were dog-sitting at the time. We love Sammy, but we're VERY thankful that we do not have a dog full time. Jack was cramping Hayley's style here---she doesn't get to go as fast when he joins her.

Jack loves his BUMBO seat! What a great invention. He likes to sit in it and watch The Wiggles when Hayley watches them at breakfast. No Baby Einstein for #2! He's jumping right in to the big kid shows.


tara goodwin said...

I don't want him to grow up! He is so stinkin' cute and such an amazing blessing. Happy six months happy Jack!

Heather V said...

He's such a cutie!!! Glad to hear you like the Bumbo seats, I think we need to get one for Chance.
Poor second kids, what's life without Einstein????

Julia said...

I think I may have to start calling him Jack-ee :). Its amazing how time flies! Jack is such a precious boy & I am loving getting to spend more time around him (and Hayley of course!). What a blessing today was with your sweet family. I am so thankful for you & your friendship! Happy 6 month birthday Jack!

The Millers said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jack! The Lord has blessed him as a joy bringer. What a precious temperment he has. Lots of Love!

tonyb said...

Wow, don't ask me how I got to your blog cause I can't even remember anymore. I think you could play 6 degrees of seporation with anyone at ACU just by searching through blogs.

Anyway I'm glad I found it. Look at those awesome kids you have. That's amazing. Not that I didn't think you had it in you, just man that's cool. So way to go, and keep on rock'n the family life. I'm glad to see you doing well.

Chesley said...

I just love little Jack Jack! It is SO amazing how fast the time goes. I can't wait for our boys to really get to play together.

Mere Ware said...

Shelly- Thanks for the comment! I love getting new comments from people and sometimes I forget that other people probably love it too. So I just read, stalk and move on...NO more! From this point forward I vow to be a better commenter! Thanks for the inspiration!

WadeStrz said...

Hey Kids!

Dang! Tony beat me to your blog - he doesn't know it but I am playing a game with him to see how many comments on new blogs I can leave. Tony's losing big time! Besides, he can't even spell!

But who cares about that - you've got great pics of a great family, Shelly! Tell Tra I said hello. I hope you guys are doing well! By the way - Jack is a great name. It's on my Top 10 List.

Now I'm off to infect Tara's blog with a catastrophic virus - hee, hee! Our little secret!



shawnadesigns said...

Hi shelly! I am Lisa Thompson's daughter, Shawna. I was reading back on my own blog and saw your comment. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well! You have beautiful babies and a beautiful faith. Take care!