Sunday, July 30, 2006

Random Thoughts. . .

Diet Drinks---Over all I hate them. I drank Diet Coke for years but never really liked it. I just didn't want to get cavities or gain weight from drinking Coke (which I LOVE). I was so excited to have an excuse not to drink Diet Coke when I got pregnant with Hayley and I started drinking Root Beer or Sprite b/c no caffeine. Well, recently I've discovered Diet Root Beer. If you like Root Beer, you would like Diet Root Beer too. I think it is the only diet drink that tastes almost exactly like the real thing. No caffeine, no sugar, and not quite as sweet as the real root beer but that's one thing I like about it.

It is funny to me that with Hayley I couldn't wait for her to do the next new thing when she was a baby. Now with Jack it's totally the opposite. I'm not ready for him to start crawling yet or sit or do any big boy things. Of course when he does I'll be thrilled, but selfishly I know that my job is about to get 10 times harder when he starts moving around.

Hayley and Jack are now napping at the same time for 2 and sometimes 3 hours in the afternoon. I need to start using that time for rest and eat it up while I can, huh?

Jack started sleeping through the night last month finally and I feel like the old Shelma again. Last week he went to bed around 9:00 and woke up every morning at 8:00! Whoo-hooo! Thank you, God for my little sleepers!!

Tomorrow morning Hayley has to have a VCUG and a sonogram on her kidneys b/c of a urinary tract infection she had a couple of months ago. I keep getting really nervous about it and have to keep praying for God to take the fear and replace it with His Spirit of Peace!! I could use more prayers though---so lift one up for me if you will! The VCUG requires her to have a cathedar and they fill her bladder up with dye and watch what happens on a screen. I know several of my friends have had this done with their kids and they all survived it. I'm still dealing with some serious anxiety though.

We get to go to The Wiggles this Saturday! Who will enjoy it more---Hayley or mommy?? : ) I can't wait! John and Courtney are going with us and we're taking Emma with us too. Should be lots of fun!


Courtney said...

I am praying so hard for you - I know that medical tests have an added dimension of scariness due to your past experiences, but this is a different thing! We love little Hayley and always love an opportunity to stand by you and your family in prayer the way you have stood beside us. Saturday we'll celebrate at the Wiggles that everything is all over! I'm going to start working on a plan to knock those songs out of my head when they're playing over and over in my mind while I'm trying to sleep Saturday night! I'll let you know what I come up with!

Shelly said...

Ha ha ha---please do! Those songs tend to pop into my mind at the most random times. :) Maybe we can listen to "Mommy's Music" on the way home?? Thank you for praying. You're such a sweet, wonderful friend and I'm so thankful for you!