Monday, July 31, 2006

It's OVER!

YUCK. I am so happy to have that test behind us. Hayley was a trooper. There were a couple of times that I thought I was going to lose it. She was crying sooo hard laying on that x-ray table as they were prepping her. Then later when we were trying to get her to tee-tee the dye out I was next to her ear whispering, "Can you whisper?" hoping it would help her calm down and relax enough to go potty. She started whispering through her gasps of air (she was soooo worked up by now), "Mama, hold you. Mama, hold you." Keep it together, mama! It was almost too much for my heart to take. I was so thankful Tra was there with me. He held her little arms and had the idea to put her hand in warm water to help her go potty. YEA, daddy! What ever would we do without da-da?? Afterwards we went to get the meal of choice for Hayley---DONUTS!! Whatever she wants, she gets today. This afternoon after naps (mom included in the naps today) we're going to go ride the ducky merrigoround at the mall and have "Chicken and spinach" for dinner from Boston Market. (her favorite dinner) I'm trying very hard to help the worst day of her life so far be just a little bit better.

Thanks for the prayers, advice, calls and emails! I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends/family who prayed for us (again) and who would keep praying again and again. What would I do without you?? Tara--thanks again for keeping Jack for us. He always has fun with you and Scout. (and Dwight when he's home!)


Chesley said...

I just wish you guys didn't have to go through any of that. It was breaking my heart just reading your account of it! I am so glad that you know what the problem is and it can get fixed and this can be a thing of the past. Poor Hayley! She is a trooper and so are you and Tra. I would be buying myself a cake, some Baskin Robbins, new shoes, and some M&M's for having to witness my child going through that. I would just sit and eat all of it in my new shoes! I love your sweet family!

Kara Alexander said...

Oh, Shelly, your account made ME cry! How hard it is for us parents to see our children in pain and for them not to understand what's going on. Poor sweet Hayley, but how blessed she is to have such two loving, empathetic, and doting parents. All children should be so blessed to have parents who help ease the pain by taking them to eat their favorite meals and do their favorite activities. I'm proud you all survived; I didn't even know any of this was going on. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love ya!

Courtney said...

So glad it's over and so sorry you had to do it! Hooray for treats and special things that only a mommy can do to make things better. Isn't it wonderful and overwhelming to be that person who can fix everything in the eyes of your child? I'm so glad we know the true Fixer and Healer who truly knows all the answers and gives us the ultimate reward that will make all these trials seem trivial. What a precious Father we have. And what a precious mommy Hayley has! Tell her the Wiggles are waiting, her birthday's coming up, and it's Hayley party time!