Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Easier said than done. . .

I was just looking at the title of my blog site trying to think of a title for this blog entry. It has not been easy to rejoice over the past several days. Hayley finished 10 days of antibiotics for a yucky ear infection that she got on our vacation to Florida (which could be a whole entry in itself---I'm sooo far behind) this past Friday and Saturday night started running a fever of 102 while we were in New Braunfels for Tra's family reunion. Today is Tuesday and this morning her fever was over 104. It hit 105 Sunday night. So rejoicing is not what my spirit feels like doing right now. It's hard having a sick baby. Even harder having a sick baby AND another baby to feed, hold, etc. I am rejoicing today over the fact that I have my sweet husband at home every night to help me with the kids---my healthy husband! More than once I have thanked God for His timing with Tra's cancer. It was hard enough going through all of that with one baby---but TWO?? It is just such a huge blessing to have Tra feeling good. Thank you God!

I know Hayley will be fine and even tonight she started getting a little bit of her spunk back. We'll know tomorrow if it is a bladder infection. It's possible it is some sort of viral thing. We've had lots of sickness around here in the past few months and we're ready to move past it and enjoy our summer!

We had a great vacation with our friends in Florida 2 weeks ago. Hayley LOVED the beach. Even though we were sick (Hayley's ears, my stomach bug one day, and Tra's allergies) we enjoyed our time with our precious friends and the crazy, long days together. It was fun sharing routines and watching our kids interact together. They were all sooo good. Here are some pictures:

Monday at the Gulfarium

Two hours later at the minor emergency clinic---Hayley's first ear infection : (

All 5 beautiful blue-eyed babies! Love these kids!

First family beach photo!

My beach babe! What you can't see is her pants---soaking wet!

You cannot take 2 year olds to the beach for a picture and expect them to stay dry! Ohhh did they have fun! This is John Critz playing in the water with Hayley.

Here is Julia (and Addie) trying to keep Jack under control. Too bad he isn't more content!


tine said...

I am so sorry that Hayley is sick...that is such a helpless feeling to watch them hurt...we missed you guys at swimming lessons, but I hope that she is feeling more like herself soon...

I'm so glad that you guys had fun on your trip...even with all the sickness, it looks like yall had such a precious time with friends and all of those precious babies...what a blessing to have such close friends right here with you.

CNS said...

I'm so sorry your family is dealing with extended sickness. That is never fun, and it becomes difficult to be positive when it lingers on. I will pray that Hayley will be healed and back to feeling like herself soon!

Your beach trip sounds like so much fun. I love the matching pj's!It is a blessing to have such dear friends!

Hang in there!

Courtney said...

I hope you always know that each time you deal with your precious sick baby (and the well one) in the middle of the night without taking out your frustration on them, you are living out your "rejoicing always." I see you do it every time I talk to you or see you. You are such a special, amazing mom and God's strength is so evident in you. I love you and your babies!