Tuesday, January 03, 2006

3 Little Monkeys

Hayley, Emma Russell (Muh-Muh) and Ava Walters (Baba) enjoying an afternoon playing in Emma's backyard before Ava moved to Abilene. This was the closest we got to getting all 3 of them to peek through at the same time. Very tricky.

Learning to share is always an adventure!

Hayley loves Baba. She is going to miss her when she is gone, but we look forward to lots of visits!

Enjoying a snack of goldfish. Little did we know that Ava stuffed the majority in her mouth somehow when we weren't looking! Silly girl!

We love you Chad, Summer and Ava and miss you a ton already! Looking forward to your next blog entry so that we can see how you guys are doing in Abilene!

Happy New Year everybody! May we all be aware of the many blessings God provides for us EACH day of 2006!


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Summer said...

We love and miss you too! I loved the pictures you posted. I am going to have to get a digital camera so I can post more pictures, especially now that we've moved. I'm so excited about the 22nd! I need to call and talk to you about whether you would rather me come then or later. I'll see you soon either way!
Love you and miss you too.