Monday, January 30, 2006

John D Willbanks IV (JACK!!)

Our sweet baby boy was born at 4:57 pm on Monday, January 23 after a mere 9 hours of labor. We went in a little before 8:00 that morning and I was between a 1 and a 2 when they started the pitocin. I was only dilated to a 3 until about 3:00pm when I was at a 4. (Got the epidural at 1:30 and it was GREAT.) Then at 4:30ish I was like, "I'm feeling a TON of pressure!" The nurse checked me and I was a 9. She said she'd be back at 5:00 to check me again, but I had to call her back in at 4:35 because I really thought he was going to come out right then. She came back and I was a 10 and READY to push. My doctor got there right after I started pushing and in 15 minutes he was here!

He was so cute and looked just like his sister. He had a head full of hair---not quite as thick as Hayley's but still a good amount. He was having a hard time breathing, so they had to take him to the NICU for about 3 hours. It made us very sad that he had to be taken away from us for that time, but at the same time I couldn't feel THAT sad because I knew he was going to be okay and I thought of all the parents that have to send their children to the NICU for much more serious complications and THAT made me even more sad than seeing him go for the short 3 hours.

He is such a good little baby. He is nursing like a champ and sleeping really well so far. Hayley is adjusting really well overall. My mom has been here since last Sunday and staying through the end of this week. I want to cry when I think about her leaving. Tra does too. : ) We were talking about how Hayley is going to have a harder time adjusting to Nana not being here than she is to her new brother. : ( Austin is not very far away though, thankfully. Here are a couple of pictures of our new addition. It's amazing how we are already SO in love with our little Jack!


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Congratulations! I have been checkin hoping to hear about Jack's arrival. He has sure been born into a wonderful family. What precious blessings children are.
Rejoicing with you,
Kelly Vaughn

jettybetty said...

Congratulations! I looked all over the church bulletin yesterday and didn't see anything--so I am thankful to hear all is going well.
I love the pictures! Jack is just beautiful!!
Hayley will be a great big sis.


Brooks Inc. said...


I am so glad to see pictures! What a beautiful boy. May the Lord continue to bless you and Tra, Hayley and Jack. Love you so and rejoice with you in his birth!


Jana said...

What a gorgeous baby boy. Sweet pics. Thanks for sharing, Shelly. Congrats to you and yours!

Anonymous said...


Isn't this odd. I am John G. Willbanks and my sister is Shelly Willbanks. We live in Georgia.

How bizzare. We're probably related, somewhere up the family tree . . .

- John