Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome Home!

Early this morning while my grandma was sleeping and my granddad was dozed off holding her hand, the Lord came to take her home with Him. I just imagine the look on her face as she saw Jesus for the first time and it fills me with such joy! I imagine Him wrapping her up in his arms and saying, "Well done, good and faithful servant! Welcome home!" I imagine her seeing her own mother for the first time in so many years. I imagine the reunion with her brother who went to be with the Lord when she was a young girl. I imagine a huge banquet table set up with a feast to celebrate her arrival. I imagine her in her new body, free from the pain she has lived with for over a decade, dancing before the Lord. She always said that she prayed she would be asleep when the Lord took her home. Thank you, sweet Heavenly Father, for answering her prayer. Thank you for the tremendous blessing that you gave me by allowing Mae Margaret Hamill Baldwin (aka. Peggy) to be MY precious grandma for almost 30 years here on this earth. Continue to remind us all that our time here is temporary and that we will ALL be reunited before we know it! I love you with all of my heart---give grandma an extra hug from me!


mindy tyndall said...

God is so amazing! Your sweet grandma has found rest and relief. And your precious Hayley awaits the arrival of her new brother.
I pray that your touching memories of your grandma, and your assurance of the peace she now has, will help heal your heart.
Take care!

Brooks Inc. said...


Just read this adn wanted to let you know I am praying for you. My grandmother (who was one of my dearest friends) went to be with the Lord this past August...I am so thankful for the hertitage of fiathfulness she blessed our family with....May our Father continue to bring you and yours His comfort, His peace, and His Hope...Heaven gets sweeter all of the time. Blessings on your day sweet sister!