Monday, November 28, 2005

Your will be done. . .

Well, it's Monday the 28th and my grandma has still not left the hospital. She had a feeding tube put in today because she's not awake enough to eat and get proper nutrients. Plus, it takes her literally an hour to eat something simple like a bowl of cream of wheat. My mom thinks she'll be in the hospital through at least this Wednesday. She was very excited about getting the feeding tube put in because she HATES having to eat. I think it's hard for her to chew and swallow and it is a battle with her and my granddad every mealtime. So this should be good for both of them. I don't really know what to pray for her anymore, so I've decided to just say to God, "Your will be done."

I got my flu shot today. I am nicer to the person giving me my shot than Hayley is to her nurse when she gets her shots. She says, "No No NO!!" to anything that hurts her---for example if she runs into the coffee table she'll tell it "No No NO!" So at her 12 month appointment when she got her flu shot, she cried and looked at the nurse and pointed at her, shaking her fist and saying, "No, No NO!" over and over. Too funny. She gets round 2 of her flu shot PLUS her vaccinations this Friday at her 15 month check up. I always dread the vaccination days, but they're never as bad as I'm afraid they'll be. It's hard to believe she is already 15 months! It's harder to believe that I'm 31 weeks along with Jack! It's like I'm nearing the top of the gigantic first hill on a big roller coaster. Hold on!!!!


Angie said...

Shelma, my face!!!!