Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good Report. . .

Yea---my doctor's visit was very postive. Apparantly Jack doesn't have much of a chance at all of getting out in the next few weeks at least. We got to have a sonogram too, and he is getting so big! It made me more excited than I've been so far to see his cute little profile and to hear that he is already a little over 3 pounds. I've been off my medication for 24 hours now and I've had no contractions. I'm not allowed to travel out of town, but other than that no bed rest! I'm SUPER bummed that I will miss Christmas with my family in Austin. Everyone is going to be there---Angie and Adam will be in from California. Maybe they'll get a wild hair and come down here for a day or 2 after Christmas or something? If not, I know there will be other Christmases. It just stinks for now.

I finally figured out how to upload pictures to my blog! It's amazing what you can learn when you read directions! Here is a picture of my 2 favorite people in the world! Hayley LOVES her dada!


mindy tyndall said...

Praise God! We have been praying for this baby to slow down and enjoy the ride for a few more weeks! Having watched Christine go through pre-term labor, I know the fear and the stress can be overwhelming at times. The Lord provides such sweet rest during the difficult times if we will take it. Try to enjoy these next few weeks and remember that we are all here cheering you and your family on. There's something special about a little boy named Jack, and when he does arrive, may the Lord double your joy and happiness. And, in the meantime, let Hayley run things! You are in our constant prayers.
Hugs -- Mindy Tyndall

jettybetty said...

Great news--well, except the part about missing your family in Austin!

Brooks Inc. said...

Sweetest Shelly-

Our paths have not crossed in weeks and after reading your blog today I know why. Blessings on the remainder of your pregnancy. May the Lord who has been so faithful continue to assure your heart as you carry this little wonder straight from His hands. Oh the blessing of a son! (I know little girls are wonderful from watching and loving my nieces...but my dailyness is filled with praises for the two little boys in my life!)I look forward to watching you all meet Jack. May our Lord who continues even now, to knit that little body together bring Him forth at the perfect time. Love you so and Blessings on your Thanksgiving!

***The whole reason I started typing this was to tell you how much your note meant to of those I tucked into my Bible and reread often...Thanks for being a reflection of the Lord's love to me!