Friday, November 30, 2007

Pregnancy Comments. . .

You expect them from strangers, but you KNOW it's time to either have the baby or stop drinking peppermint mochas when your 3 year old casually walks by, glances at you, keeps on walking and says, "That stomach is HUGE!" Her dad got a BIG kick out of that one. : ) So did I.

I was just glad we were at home and she made the comment to ME and not a random person at McDonalds or something. Love my Hayley!


TedTracie said...

Remind me to tell you what Aidan said to a random person at Chic Fil A... I was HORRIFIED!

Kids speak truth. It's scary!

Too cute :-)

Chesley said...

I love it! My mom kept going on and on about how great you looked when you came to see me at the hospital. I think you look great and I can't wait to meet little Willbanks!!!