Friday, November 02, 2007

Aunt Shelma

I LOVE being an aunt!! My nephew Scout stays with us on Wednesday mornings and it is so much fun watching him play with his cousins and seeing them all enjoy other so much. And the other night at the Fall Festival he reached his arms out for me to hold him and it totally melted my heart. I was the first to have kids in both families, so I was mommy before I was Aunt Shelma. It is so much fun to be an aunt and not play the role of "disciplinarian" but to just love on and play w/ the babies (who aren't really babies anymore) and leave it to their parents to do the "hard work." I love my niece and nephew SO much and can't wait to see Ryder in a few more weeks and start loving on him too, and then baby Booth in April!

Who says having 3 kids is hard??? Just stick em' all in the shower! Hours of fun!!! Wagon rides are our FAVORITES!!! Radio Flyer needs to make some bigger wagons in a few more months! This 2 seater isn't going to cut it when we have cousin playdates! Are they REALLY big enough to sit at a big boy table and eat like big boys??? Where does the time go??


Courtney said...

It IS so much fun to be an aunt after being a mommy! You're a terrific aunt to two adorable little people!

tara said...

You are a wonderful Aunt Shelma!! It was so sweet to watch Scout not want to come to me or Dwight, just give you big hugs!