Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Bye Bye Diego! Bye Bye Waves!"

We got in late this afternoon from the BEST vacation!! We had an indescribable amount of fun together. It was so great getting to see Angie and Adam and my parents and my grandparents too. It was so perfect b/c we got to see lots of them, but at the same time we did lots just the 4 of us! We did Sea World and Legoland just the 4 of us, as well as some evenings. Like last night we got take out, went to a great park that you can walk to from where we stayed, and topped off the night w/ Baskin Robbins. It doesn't get much better than that. I'm more crazy about my kids than ever and more in love with Tra than ever---and SO thankful I have him!! We make a good team. It's so nice to be at a stage in our parenting that we are kind of into a "groove" and things just seem to flow better than they have in the past. Not to mention our kids are at more managable ages than they were ohhh, say, a year ago! Our anniversary was the 4th and my sister and Adam kept our kids while we went to our FAVORITE Itallian food place to eat. Then the next night my mom offered to come over and play and put them to bed while we went to a movie!! 2 date nights in a row!! We hardly knew what to do with ourselves! Hayley and Jack LOVED the beach. All but 2 days, we went down around 9:30 and headed back b/t 1:00-2:00. The kids would crash for 2-3 hours and we would read, nap, talk. It was heavenly. It took Jack several days to be okay with walking around in the sand w/o shoes on. I would take his shoes off and try to put him down, but he'd pull his legs up as high as he could and scream. Then he would carefully walk for quite some time as if trying to keep his feet as clean as possible. Too funny! Hayley is our fearless child. She ran right into those waves the first night we were there. She also rode some rides at Legoland and preferred to ride ALONE if possible. She's such a stitch.

I have almost 200 pictures, so I'll copy Courtney's idea of posting a few favorites each day for a few days.

We're happy to be home to "our house with the toys" but I honestly wasn't quite ready to come home! Thanking God for the blessing of this vacation, time with family, my precious babies and amazing husband. We can't wait to do it again with little Willbanks #3 next time!


Chesley said...

I just want you to know that since you texted me about BR I have had it 4 times since. Twice tonight since Cody didn't know I had already stopped and got myself some! :) The day you sent the text he made a special trip to surprise me with my World Class! Yummy!!!

Glad you had such a great time. I can't wait to see more pictures and I LOVE the top one with both kids in the sand. That is great! Reading this post I felt like I knew a little bit of where you were.

Chesley said...

Oh and did you know that Tuesday night is $1.00 scoop night at BR?!!! They should not share this info. with a pregnant woman!

See you on Tuesday nights!

mindy tyndall said...

What fun! Roy grew up in North Carolina and so when our kids were little, it was a favorite vacation spot. Nothing like the beach with your favorite little people!!!
So glad you had a great time and happy you all made it home safe and sound!

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful, refreshing time together! It is always a little sad to leave a vacation where you've all enjoyed time just to be together. It's so nice as a mom to not be distracted by laundry, house, and the daily duties of life. And Daddy not going to work is always a big hit around here! I'm sorry your trip is over but glad you're home!