Friday, August 17, 2007

100 Things About Me. . .

1. I sometimes spend too much time reading blogs.
2. I grocery shop once a week.
3. I don't take my kids with me.
4. I LOVE ice cream.
5. I don't eat it very often.
6. I gain weight VERY easily. (hence #5)
7. #6 is a blessing (I have always had to eat healthy)
8. #6 is also a curse (I love to eat foods that aren't always healthy!)
9. I LOVE Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls!!!
10. I love the Cobb Salad at Fridays w/ honey mustard on the side.
11. I don't like blue cheese, but I never ask to take it off of #10 ---I just pick around it.
12. I drink lots of large ice waters with lemon from Sonic.
13. My toe nails are always painted.
14. I usually do my own toes---pedicures are rare with 2 kids.
15. I love doing favors for people.
16. I like to cook.
17. I'm not crazy about cleaning.
18. I LOVE a clean house.
19. I don't really have a hobby (unless you consider blogging a hobby!) : )
20. I'm okay with that.
21. I have played the cello since I was 10---but don't play enough to consider it a hobby.
22. I love spending quality time with friends/family.
23. I have struggled with losing my temper with my immediate family members.
24. The Lord has delivered me from that struggle tremendously over the past year.
25. I LOVE reading/watching/listening to Joyce Meyer.
26. She has been instrumental in my journey of being delivered from temper issues.
27. My friends never believe me that I truly struggle with that.
28. Just ask my family--immediate or in-laws--who have seen the uglier side of me. : )
29. One of my new best friends is the Holy Spirit.
30. I have gotten to know him more intimately over the past year.
31. I'm excited to grow in my relationship with him (and God and Jesus---a given) over the course of the rest of my life.
32. I love to bake.
33. I love having people in our home.
34. I love family time w/ Tra, Hayley and Jack on the weekends.
35. My favorite time of day is in the evenings when Tra walks in from work.
36. I enjoy leading/attending small group Bible studies.
37. I love Christian music.
38. I'm very out of the loop in the secular music world.
39. I used to feel really dorky b/c I only listened to Christian (and occasionally country) music.
40. Now I'm 100% okay with it.
41. I listen to kids' praise and worship music 70% of the time.
42. The Wiggles 20% of the time.
43. My own music 10% of the time.
44. Maybe the Wiggles 29% of the time and my own 1%---realistically.
45. I dislike being really hot and not able to cool off.
46. I love San Diego (specifically La Jolla).
47. You don't get hot there.
48. I don't like being really cold and not able to warm up.
49. I love new pajamas.
50. I rarely buy new shoes.
51. I've worn maternity clothes about 20 months over the past 3.5 years.
52. I have a feeling I'll be adding to that number---even after this pregnancy!
53. I like going to the movies.
54. I like going places by myself---even movies.
55. I like war movies.
56. That works well on date nights b/c so does Tra. : )
57. I love beach vacations.
58. I like the mountains.
59. I've snow skied twice in my life.
60. I've never been skiing with Tra (snow or water).
61. We had a lakehouse in east Texas growing up (6th grade - college).
62.We spent lots of weekends there as a family.
63. We played lots of Bible Trivia.
64. We took turns getting up in the 5's to go fishing with my dad (who by the way was SOOO patient with his girls who lost multiple lures over the years getting hung up on trees, etc.)
65. We never water skied in all the years we had that place.
66. We did LOTS of knee-boarding and inner tubing.
67. We got one tv channel---ABC---on a 3 inch tv.
68. We had 2 bedrooms---my parents had one and my 2 sisters and I shared the other.
69. Lots of sweet memories with my family at Lake Bob Sandlin!
70. My sister Angie lives in West Hollywood with her husband Adam.
71. Adam and Tra were in the same social club at ACU (but not at the same time).
72. My and Angie's last initials went from B to W---and we now both start with W-i-l-l
73. Our youngest sister Abby lives in Abilene.
74. She is dating a guy whose last name starts with B.
75. We joke with her that they can't get married b/c it isn't a W.
76. I love being a wife.
77. I love being a mom.
78. I grew up in public schools.
79. I turned out pretty good!
80. I taught 6th grade in HEB 5 1/2 years before I had Hayley.
81. I miss my relationships w/ the kids and my co-workers.
82. I lived in an apartment by myself in Euless before Tra and I started dating.
83. I loved living by myself.
84. I love living with Tra, Hayley and Jack even more!
85. I'm related to Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).
86. I love watching football and basketball.
87. l love to read.
88. I wish organizing came more naturally to me.
89. I love to assemble products (ie. toys, cribs, etc.)
90. I love breakfast.
91. I love coffee---must always have cream (preferably flavored) and a splenda.
92. I love 2%, sugar free, vanilla lattes from Starbucks.
93. I love cereal.
94. I don't wear perfume.
95. I go through lotion phases---but overall don't like one scent for very long.
96. I shave my legs every day.
97. I pluck my eyebrows almost every day. (at least I SHOULD)
98. It is rare to ever see me without eye make-up.
99. I would love to go w/o make up and not feel naked.
100. My list is actually longer than this---which I couldn't believe---but I'm stopping here!


Courtney said...

What a fun read! I was excited how many of these things I already knew - that accountability group thing is really working! I love you and I love seeing all that the Lord is doing in and through you. You are one of those people who constantly challenges me to keep striving to draw closer to the Lord! You are my favorite Shelma friend!!!

Kendra said...

Hey - I learned a lot about you! I have to tell my boys that you are kin to Luke . . he's their favorite guy currently - I hear a light saber battle going on in the living room as I type. Hope you are feeling well . . I have to confess to you that I finally just drank those energy drinks myself . . I'm so sorry I never could find you! They sure were nice and energizing, though . . he!

jettybetty said...

You are an extremely interesting person! It sounds like you are extremely happy with who God made you to be!

mindy tyndall said...

I love this post! So many interesting and fun things, but the best part is seeing how you are changing continuously and growing always in the Lord. You don't know this, but after we talked about the Joyce Meyer conference you went to, I began to watch her program. I love her! She challenges me...alot. I want to read some of her books - do you have any? She cracks me up sometime because she is so blunt...but then she follows it up with some amazing Spirit thought and I just lose myself Him.
Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Very good list! It's hard to come up with 100 things.

Julia said...

I love it! I actually learned several new things about you which is so fun - Luke Skywalker? Really? And you & Heather ought to chat about Joyce Meyer. She loves her too. Does she write books?
I love your transparency about what God is doing in you - I felt a little shallow about my 100 things about me after reading this. Maybe I should do a "100 Things about my spiritual life" blog. Realistically, probably won't happen. Oh well.

Love ya!

Angie said...

Okay, the two things that surprised me were that you don't wear perfume and that you do like war movies! Who knew?!!!

Love you!!!! See you SOOOOO soon!

Adam Willis said...

You know, Tra was actually a 5th year Senior when I was pledging. I know that for a fact because I got his visit. I'll remember it forever.

Sarah J. said...

I love reading these lists... it always makes me feel like we lots in common that I would have never known otherwise. #41-44 cracked me up... we have been listening to the Veggie Tales worship CD non-stop lately. I'm so out of touch. I told Greg the other day that the only news I get these days is from Yahoo's homepage. Oh well!! Really, Bob & Larry aren't so bad.


Amanda said...

That was fun to read! I learned a lot about you!

angela said...

Thanks for sharing! I feel like I know you better after reading this.