Friday, March 31, 2006

Special Day. . .

Today is what would have been my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. My sweet granddad had to go through his first anniversary without the love of his life today. It was hard on my heart---I can't imagine how hard it must have been on his. I can't WAIT to see the 2 of them together again in heaven. Come quickly, Lord!!

Some of us from church went to the Botanical Gardens today to take pictures of our kids. It was HOT outside---none of us were prepared for that. For some reason I thought I could do an outfit change with Jack and Hayley and take pictures of them. It didn't quite flow as smoothly as I pictured it. I did an outfit change for Jack and left his clothes on the bench at the gardens! Sweet Chesley called on her way home to tell me she grabbed them for me. I had a stranger come ask me if she could watch Hayley for me. Apparantly I wasn't doing a very good job in her opinion. : ) As crazy as it was, it was fun to be with friends and be crazy together. 3 of us had older ones who were wanting very badly to jump in the pond and get wet. : ) The other 4 girls have kids that are still stationary and not running around just yet. Not much longer and they'll be off! I need to download the pictures---I'll work on that sometime this weekend and put some on my blog.

Jack is now almost 10 weeks old. Hard to believe how fast it is going with round 2. He is still only getting up once a night for the most part and on occaision will go all night. He is such a little chunk! Hayley was tall and skinny (and still is) so to see chunky legs and a thick mid-section is so new and so fun! Hayley's latest sweet story is that she came up to Jack while I was feeding him the other day, put her head down on his head and said, "I hud doo." (I love you) It's the first time she said I love you to anyone on her own without us saying it first. Totally melted my heart. I also love it when she'll go, "Hey buddy!" (I say that all the time.) And when he cries she'll run over to him and say, "In cye Gack! Papy, papy??" (Don't cry Jack! Paci, paci?) As exhausting as this is with both of them sooo young right now, it's soooo worth it. What blessings these precious children are to me!

This is Garrett Walton in his cute little Easter outfit! The 2 pictures above are of Jack Pinson and Hayley taking a break from trying to get INTO the water and probably scheming how to get away from their mommies so that they could get into the water. (the mommies won!) And the picture at the top is of John Critz and Hayley looking down at Jack and a bunch of plastic eggs. They are so cute!

In this picture, Hayley had been with me in my room and I realized all of the sudden she wasn't there and I panicked because Jack was on the couch where she could get to him. (He isn't rolling yet---I know I shouldn't leave him there.) Anyway, I ran into the living room and this is what I saw! She had climbed up on the couch and was just patting his head watching the Wiggles on tv. So SWEET!!

Handsome boy! Like father, like son!

A picture with mama and her babies! It's funny how few of these there end up being. : )


jettybetty said...

Jack is getting so big! (And so handsome!)

I love the pic with Hayley on the couch patting his head!

Glad you got to get out and enjoy the beautiful day yesterday.

Julia said...

Precious babies! I'm so glad I get to watch you go through the 2 baby thing before I get there - regardless of that woman at the park's observations, you are such a wonderful mommy! I hope I'll be like you when I grow up:). I'll look forward to seeing those photos. Love ya!