Monday, March 06, 2006

I LOVE my kids!!!

Could they be any cuter?? What precious gifts we have been blessed with. Jack's eyes crack me up in this picture. This was on one of the cold days we had in February. We loaded up one morning to go to Starbucks so mama could get a cup of decaf! Oh how I look forward to being able to get regular loaded cups of coffee from Starbucks again!

I took Hayley and Jack to Austin last Thursday to see my parents and sister, my granddad, my aunt and uncle from Alaska and 2 of my cousins! It was so much fun getting to see everyone. My dad got to hold Jack for the first time and see him for the first time since he got a glimpse of him in the hospital the day he was born! I'll have to post a couple of those pictures later---so sweet. The trip down was quite comical. As I hopped on 35 and started thinking about the reality of what I was doing I kind of panicked! I had to stop in Waco and feed both of them and myself (ha) and that was CRAZY!! I am not a fan of breast feeding in public places (other people don't bother me---I'm just not 100% comfortable about it myself) so I decided Luby's might be the perfect place to eat lunch. I got in okay, got Hayley in a high chair and got help getting the food to the far corner table by the windows hoping Hayley could be distracted by the birds outside and that I could feed Jack discreetly. By the time we finished, Jack had blown out a diaper (severely) and they both had macaroni and cheese in their hair. Hayley had apple juice soaking her shirt as well as a diaper that needed changing. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't help but laugh! The scene in the bathroom was great---my stuff was EVERYWHERE!! I'm trying to change Jack's clothes and diaper PRAYING he wouldn't pee on me (or anyone else in there), it was seriously 100 degrees in that place too. I was sweating like a dog occasionally grabbing Hayley away from all of the unsanitary things she was continually reaching for and trying to help a lady with an oxygen tank get in the door in the midst of the chaos. Needless to say, I was happy to get them back in the car and get to my parents' house! I was very thankful for the portable DVD player and Baby Einstein in the car. Jack didn't make a peep in the car the whole way---Hayley is another story. Tra flew down on Saturday and we all drove back home together on Sunday. The scene in Whataburger Sunday was a whole different story. Very calm, cool and collected. OH how we LOVE dada!! He is the greatest!! (for more reasons than the fact he is another set of hands!)

So I survived the first road trip with 2 kids. That's a milestone. Jack is now only waking up once at night to eat. Last night was his first night in his big boy bed (his crib) in his OWN room upstairs! He did great! He went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 2:30 and ate, I put him down and laid down on his floor for a second (ha) to make sure he went back to sleep and I woke up around 4:30 on his floor. I went and got in my own bed and went to get him a little before 7:00! He is the best baby! He is starting to smile as of a week and a half ago. We are all loving him more and more as the days go by. He is 6 weeks old today! Time is flying by just as I knew it would. We can't wait until our next visit to Nana's and Big D's house!!


tine said...

oh shelly you are a brave woman! the farthest i have gone alone is abilene, and that was just with one child! we did drive to nashville, but matt was there and we went through the night...those portable DVD players are WONDERFUL!

i was dying laughing at the bathroom funny...and that picture is precious...jack looks like an all business kind of guy! i can't believe he is already 6 weeks old! how do they get so big so fast? is hayley getting promoted on sunday with my jack? i can't even believe it! matt and i both almost lost it when we got an envelope addressed to the parents of jack pinson with information about a parent meeting!!!

well, i was so glad to read a new post and glad that you guys had a safe trip and some good time with your family! see you tomorrow at ladies class!

tine said...

oh...and keep posting pictures!

jettybetty said...

I must AMEN tine! You are waaay brave! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

I cannot believe Jack is already 6 weeks old--sounds like he is doing so good!

Now if we can get mom back her regular coffee!

Shelly said...
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