Thursday, March 10, 2005


I am so thankful for my sisters! I have 2 of them. Angie just got married a couple of weeks ago and after a honeymoon in Acapulco with Adam, they made it to Los Angeles yesterday. It's still hard to believe they are actually living there. Ang and I are 2 years apart and we are as close at heart as we are in age. I love the following things about her: her soft, tender heart, her appreciation for music of all genres, her creative abilities in drawing and writing especially, her transparency and inability to tell a lie (or tell a lie for me---although I used to not love this quality), her sense of humor, the love she has for my daughter, her love for Starbucks, ice cream and I-Hop (we both love breakfast any time of day). I could go on with the list. I'm thankful for the blessing she has been to me throughout my life. She was by my side (literally) until I left for college, but we continue to remain close and share a precious friendship like none other. I think I'm in denial that she has moved so far away. I'm pretending that they are on a long vacation that will hopefully last no more than a few short years???? Hurry back, Angima!

And then there is Abby. She is actually the reason I decided to write about my sisters because 22 years ago today around 8:30am she entered this world. It's so funny because I can remember so many details of her actual birth day. I was 7 and in 1st grade. The night before she was born I was laying on the twin bed in her bedroom looking at the crib and listening to this stuffed animal that had a music box in it that played, "What the world needs now, is love sweet love. It's the only thing, that there's just too little of. . ." EVERY time since then when I hear that song my mind goes back to that place of laying there and being scared for my mom because she was in the hospital and the excited feeling inside at the same time of having my baby brother or sister the next day----finally!! Clayton Michael Brooks or Abigail Brooks. I thought it was weird that they didn't give her a middle name, but now I understand and it will be neat to keep her maiden name as her middle name when she is married one day. (on a side note, the man that ends up with her will have himself an absolute JEWEL) I adored that little baby girl. I was so excited to have another sister too. They're much more fun to dress up. : ) Angie and I went to stay with my grandparents for a week or so after Abby was born, and I remember the long 6 hour drive back home from their house and how I couldn't WAIT to hold her! I loved to hold her and play with her. I remember heating up bottles for her and changing diapers (my mom had to have been SOOOO patient with letting a 7 year old change a diaper!) We've always had a unique relationship. The age gap was wide enough that we didn't have the chance to fight about clothes or silly things that Angie and I fought over. In fact I can barely remember cross words between the two of us---except for the times she would sneak down the stairs and rip one in front of my boyfriends. : ) I remember coming home from college my freshman year at Christmas and Abby being the first one to the door and she was so tall!! It made me sad a little because I realized I was going to miss out on so much of her life. The most important years of her life at that. I did miss out on so much. If I could have a do over I would be more involved in her life throughout her teenage years and not so distant. In spite of the age gap and the distance between us, we still have a very special relationship. Things I love about Abby: when she was a tom boy in pre-k she didn't answer to anything but "Loois" (that's how she spelled it), she is the most genuine person I know---what you see is what you get, her personality is outgoing, she has wild, and I mean WILD stories : ) , she always finds the good in crummy situations, she admits her weaknesses, she encourages me, she is very athletic (more of an envy for me), she is so sensitive, as opposite as we are in many ways, we are eerily alike in so many ways, she also has such a love for my daughter, she is a phenomenal cook, she also loves Starbucks and good desserts and breakfast foods. Happy 22nd birthday Abs. I'm anticipating that this will be your best year yet!


jettybetty said...

I hope my adult children love and enjoy each other as much as you obvioulsy do your sisters. Oh, we LOVE Starbucks and I love I-HOP. I-HOP is the only place I ever want to go for breakfast and it really doesn't mind what time of day it is. JB

Tra Willbanks said...

This is my first time to ever post something on the internet that isn't business related. Additionally it is my first time to ever write on pink stationary.

I thought I would comment on my wife's past few posts. For those that are interested you may want to know what her husband actually thinks about her. Well when I married Shelly I had countless people tell me how fortunate I was to have met Shelly. I knew at the time I had found a wonderful woman, but I didn't know to what extent. While the past 4 years of our marriage have been anything but easy, it has been the most fun and enjoyable time of my life. And every day I have been fortunate to see how those people were right when they told me how wonderful Shelly was.

Her relationships with her sisters are just one example of how she treasures family. Perhaps her attachment to family is best seen in her love for our baby girl, Hayley. Or you could see how much she loves family by watching how she has cared for me for the past 7 months. She is mom, sister, friend, caretaker, daughter, friend, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, and wife all rolled into one personality. That may not be unique, except that she is regarded as the favorite in each of these categories, at least from my perspective. She touches more lives than just her sisters. She has an endearing personality which draws people out. She makes other people be their best, especially me. I tell people how hard it is to be the spiritual leader in our family with Shelly around. She raises the bar for me.

I have never met a woman more dedicated to family and Christ as Shelly. Guys often joke about how they should marry outside of their league. Well, I am a pefect example of the guy who married outside of his league. Considering the way she raises our child I know that one day I will be telling a young man who is interested in Hayley that he has know idea how fortunate he is.

Judy Brooks said...

I just love reading this! And this is just one reason why I love you, Tra Willbanks! Imagine Hayley's husband (MANY years from now!) writing something so sweet about her...we're so blessed to have you!

Angie said...

Shelma! Write some more! (not about me necessarily, though that will never get old) I love reading what you have to say...I hope you will spill it all to us again soon...can't wait to see! I love you, my big sister. You are one of my heroes, and now everyone can see why after Tra's post!!! He was right about every single word!!!!
one of your biggest fans