Friday, March 04, 2005

Lesson learned

Okay, so maybe I won't always write about a person that I'm thankful for. Today I am thankful for stain sticks. Kind of shallow, but true. All you other new moms out there (and dads, grandparents, etc) put all white shirts in the back of your closet when your child starts eating green and orange vegetables. I grabbed my white sweatshirt earlier because I got a little chilly and sweet precious Hayley, after spitting up only one other time all day, got me with her green beans. I'm getting ready to go to bed and I was thinking about how I hadn't written what I was thankful for today as I was smearing stain stick all over my sweatshirt. So there you have it. It has saved many an outfit over the past several months especially.

Concerns for the day: My sweet little baby girl is extremely constipated. : ( I've read in the "What to expect the first year" book about what to do and there just isn't much to do about it. I'm going to get some different rice tomorrow for her---whole grain supposedly is better than plain rice. Hopefully that will help. It's so sad to watch her strain and strain and then scream in pain. I am terrible because as sad as it is, her face is just so cute and funny--- so I busted out the video camera at breakfast as she was straining so hard and at the same time had food dripping out of her mouth. She'll hate me for it one day for sure. : ) I'll gladly accept any suggestions from you moms, dads, or whoever about possible remedies. I've given her some sips of apple juice today (even though the pediatrician said not to give her fruit juice until 1 year) and tried some pears (so far she hates all fruits) and she ate a whole jar of green beans (half of which is now on my white sweatshirt).
Tra has rounded the corner today. We enjoyed spending time together all afternoon and evening. He's off all drugs now and back to his typical, humorous form. We're finished!!!! Praising God for HIS strength, comfort and blessings of some serious endurance. ALL things are possible with God. : )


tine said...

Amen on the stain sticks...the clorox bleach pen is my best friend! I never thought I would do so much laundry in my life!
Glad to hear Tra is doing well...we are continuing to keep you guys in our prayers.

jettybetty said...

Did the apple juice do the trick?? Is Hayley feeling better? Yay--I know you are celebrating rounding that corner with Tra. JB

Jana said...

Rowan's doc has suggested prunes and plums to help with constipation. If Hayley doesn't like straight fruits/sweets, maybe you could mix it with a veggie or cereal. The doc also said NO bananas...very constipating.

Praise God chemo is finished!