Sunday, January 29, 2012


I ran into a friend at Chick Fil A the other day who said she kept checking in to see if I posted a new blog and that I haven't in FOREVER. I really would love to do better and keep some kind of a "normal" blogging schedule. But the words "normal" and "schedule" totally do not describe my life in this season. At all. : )

So just a quick little update for anyone else who is coming by to check on us every now and then..

Life is fast, full, crazy at times (ok--most of the time), and never ever dull. We are all very excited about little #6 who will be joining us in July and adding to our "organized chaos" as one of my friends calls it. We can't WAIT to find out if it's a brother or a sister in just a little over a week!! Jack especially can't wait. : ) We are enjoying another year of homeschooling. Pretty sure we'll be doing it next year too. I LOVE it. And that's an understatement.

I'll throw some pictures in soon---hopefully that doesn't mean a year from now. : )
Thanks, Alexis for the encouragement to get off my rear end and BLOG! : )