Sunday, April 25, 2010

March/April Favorites

Thought I would do a little catching up with pictures from the last 2 months. They actually go backwards, from April to March.

Jack's new "look"
My baby is growing up!
All dressed up for a "black tie" wedding---fun!
Mallory Grace---always smilin'
Feeding the turtles--or--themselves : )
Jack got to "borrow" the fireman outfit from Mimi's Treasure Chest one day... the best day EVER.
Riding rides at a carnival at Northwood Church---so much fun!!
Braving the ferris wheel---
Watching Riley was worth the price of admission...
These 2 both won a game--the only game they were allowed to play. They were HAPPY campers.
I have pictures of my sister and me looking through fence holes at the puppy in my grandparents "alley" in Lamesa. This was an unstaged, sweet little moment for me...
Riley Kate LOVES her daddy. He is eating dinner here and she can't get close enough to him. : ) She kept saying, "My daddy, my daddy!"
This is Easter morning... I had our church service on the computer as we were about to leave for Tra's parents' house for the day. Love modern technology and love these 2 little hearts. This was unstaged too. I love how they love each other.
Hayley loves praising the Lord!
Easter Eggs!
The stickers were a hit this year.
The biggest strawberry ever...
Tra doing one of the things he does best...being DADDY!!!
I think one of my favorite things about these pictures is that he has Jack's Diego sunglasses on.
I looked out the back door one morning and saw this sweet little sight. Although they were probably scheming the next crazy mess Riley could make and making their plan on how Mallory would distract me from her...
Happy Birthday to Daddy!
This may have been the mess they were scheming... got into a trash bag full of ashes from our grill. Mmmmm, soooo fun.
Pulling a blanket off of heads really fast=static electricity=HILARIOUS.
Especially this one...doesn't she look like Alfalfa without the little curl? hahaha!
The moment I realized, "Maybe I should cut her hair.." A theme in our family..
Mallory helping out her sister...
She sat like this for about 5 minutes one night. Such a cutie!!


Courtney said...

I love these - all of them! The one with Tra at the dinner table made me laugh. Our kids do that and it can be so frustrating/adorable at the same time. Mallory is getting her own little girl look! I love seeing how they look similar but start to look different too. Love you all and miss closely watching these babies growing up!

Jamie Ridgell said...

Shelly - loved seeing these new pictures of your family. Seeing how much they have grown and changed made me realize how long it's been since I've seen ya'll! We need to get together! All four of your little ones are absolutely precious. Love you friend!

RD Robertson said...

Thanks for sharing your happiest moment. I am really thankful to you. You are looking so much pretty in your casual shirt.

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