Monday, December 15, 2008

Dry Spell

I have been a blog slacker lately! So much has gone on in our lives since I last posted. My sister-in-law Abby got engaged on a family trip to Aspen! It was so much fun to get to be a part of their special night! I'm so excited to have Ryan join the family. He is such a wonderful guy and we are all big fans. My baby girl turned ONE on December 4. It's so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since her birth. She is such a little joy. She has the sweetest smile and is a little ball of energy. She's not really into sitting still. Her trademark is that she puts everything she gets her hands on into her mouth. It is frustrating, hilarious and disgusting. : ) I think the most disgusting was a dead bug at Tra's parents' house one day. She also loves to play in toilets. Neither of my other 2 did either of these things. It amazes me at how different these 3 already are in such a short time. She loves music and singing. We have made up a song with her name in it and we all sing it to her multiple times a day and she eats it up. (pardon the pun!) She is very tall (95th percentile) and how can I say this nicely to where it will not hurt her feelings one day---very "healthy" (90th percentile). She and Jack have been in the same size diapers for awhile now and he is almost THREE. Impressive. She can wear his jeans from last year that he wore when he was 2. Ha ha! I love it!! It is going to be fun to watch her in the role of big sister. She is a tough little cookie---Hayley and Jack love playing with her. I should keep track of how many times a day, "Please be gentle," comes out of my mouth.

Since her birthday, we've been in Christmas mode over here. My family gets to come this weekend (we're so excited!!) and we are doing "Christmas" with them. Then next week we get to spend with Tra's family---and we're so excited about that too!! I LOVE having two familes that are just fun to be with! We're doing a little party for Jack the week of New Year's for his b-day (which is actually the 23rd) but I would rather get that done before sweet Mallory arrives. She is due the 15th of January. We'll see if I make it that far. Of course I hope I don't because I think she is close to 7 pounds already and there's just nothing fun about recovering from a 9 pounder. : ) Not to mention I'm ready to hurdle all the safety gates around here with a little more grace/ease. And to sleep normally---without sitting up, having to take Tums before going to sleep, etc, etc. Not that I'm complaining---what a BLESSING to be carrying this little gift around. We are beyond thankful for our sweet babies and are looking forward to having little Mallory join us in just a few more weeks! I hope to do better on posts, but if I don't. . . Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Judy said...

Your number 1 fan is happy to read your blog after the dry spell. I'm so excited about being with all of you this weekend and in January when our newest baby arrives. You all are such a gift to Nana and Big D! I love you all!

Courtney said...

I'm missing you! We need to have coffee (where I actually show up)!

angela said...

It's funny how your third and my third are alike. Ava puts the grossest stuff in her mouth! The other day I was sweeping and she picked up a Cheeto from the dust pile and ate it - no joke!!! My other two would never do that!

It was nice to read a new post! It's hard keeping up with this blog and the kiddos!

A Team said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your Christmas card!

how are you? you are gonna have a baby OH SO SOON!

You have your hands FULL... isn't it great! and so hard! and so great!!!!