Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jack! (and a Hayley story)

One of the funniest things Hayley has said lately is, "Hey mom, for Christmas I want the Charmin video!" Yes, Charmin--as in the toilet paper. They have those cute little cartoon bears on the commercials. : )  She was very disappointed that they do not have a video. Then a couple days later when a Charmin commercial was on she said, "I sure do wish I had some Charmin. Next time you're at the store, will you get me some?"  So we may be saying goodbye to our "Quilted Northern" on our next toilet paper purchase.

 Jack is officially TWO years old! We had a fun family day on his actual birthday. We loaded up before breakfast, drove through a donut place and brought them to a bounce house place. We all 3 played in the bounce houses while Riley hung out in her stroller sound asleep. After a couple of hours we headed home for lunch and naps, got up and loaded up again--this time with dad--and went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner! We went for Hayley's birthday in August for the first time and they LOVED it. We didn't know it, but last Wednesday night, kids' meals were $1.99! They also had a guy going around making balloon animals, and a guy in a frog-suit costume walking around waving to the kids. The looks on their faces when the animals "come to life" is priceless. It was a GREAT day! Happy Birthday precious boy!! 


TedTracie said...

How absolutely precious!!!!

I love the Hayley story... that is a hoot!

What a sweet family you have!

Brooks Inc. said...

Love that Hayley!

Happy Birthday Jack! That last picture of him is so Precious!

Sure love you Willbanks!


daughteroftheking said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Great story about sweet Haley. I saw you guys at church this weekend! We want to have ya'll over soon!
Be Blessed

Thompson crew said...

Hi Shelly! I don't know if you will remember me or not, but I am Heather Duncan (now Thompson) from North Davis Church in Arlington. Jennifer Shaw told me about your blog. I found it on Jennifer Ogle's blog (I'm on there too). Anyway-just wanted to say hello...looks like you have a beautiful family & congrats on the new addition!

Leilanni said...

Awww . . .Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Kylie said...

Your Hayley stories are the best! Gotta love the charmin! Happy birthday Jack! Can't believe he's 2!