Thursday, April 05, 2007


Today was another milestone in the Willbanks' household! Hayley pooped on the potty for the first time ever! It is really funny how excited I am about this. I never imagined I would be so excited about poop! So I thought I would share my excitement w/ all you other blogging moms out there who have experienced the same joy as you contemplate never changing a poopy diaper again (at least of HERS)! We'll see if it continues. We made a super big deal out of it today, of course, and went to Braum's for a family celebration tonight of ICE CREAM!!

Jack went in for bloodwork today and we'll get results tomorrow to see if it is (was) mono or not. His spleen was back to normal today, so that was GREAT news!

Other than that, pretty uneventful around here today. I'll take uneventful. We're excited about Easter weekend. It so much fun having Hayley get excited about Easter this year. Earlier she goes, "We'll say 'YOOOOO-HOOOOOO, Easter eggs!? Where arrrre youuuu?" I need to make

sure to talk as much about the REAL reason of Easter as much as hyping up egg hunts and candy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


Jennifer said...

That is so awesome!! What a great thing to celebrate.

Hope you have a good Easter!!

Kendra said...

I don't know any mom who has ever gone through potty training with a child who did not get CRAZY excited over poop IN the potty instead of a diaper!! It is such a little light at the end of a long, smelly, nasty tunnel that you have been traveling for a while now. Congratulations, and may your sweet one be easily motivated by praise and a little ice cream!! he!

Speaking of Easter, though, we found something this year that I LOVE - have you seen the Resurrection Eggs? It's a carton of Easter eggs that each contain a little symbol that tells the story of the crucifixion and resurrection. My big boys and I went through it one time after we got it, and they have been telling the story to people ever since! I love it! Tyler's been drawing pictures of the cross, of Jesus on the cross, of the "bad guys" next to him - it's just so neat to see them connecting Easter with Christ. The little objects in the eggs are such a neat way for the to remember the details of the story, too.

Anyway, I'm sure these eggs have been out there forever, but the Vaughns have just discovered them, and are loving it. Just thought I'd pass it on . .