Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day---Tra's 30th Birthday! 2 of the girls at work (Chalyse and Melissa) surprised him w/ a small party at the office this afternoon. I brought Hayley and Jack up and a homemade carrot cake (his favorite) and he was surprised! Hayley and Jack picked out balloons at the store for him yesterday to bring to the party. Hayley chose a hot pink balloon w/ high heel shoes, a purse, and lipstick on it. : ) Ya gotta love little girls! I wish I could take some time right now to write down 30 things I love about Tra, but it's almost dinner time and Hayley is being very quiet in the other room---which always makes me a tad nervous. : ) I will say that I love my husband more today than I EVER have and I LOVE being his wife. We are a great team. So different in so many ways, which enables us to strike a pretty good balance in our marriage. I love sharing this journey of life with him, I love watching him with our kids and watching them LOVE him so much, I love going to dinner with him, watching 24, The Office and Lost with him, going to movies (a whopping 2 this year so far!) and I love seeing his goofy, silly side and at the same time have long talks about stuff that matters. Mostly I LOVE how much he loves the Lord and how he strives to be in His will for our lives. It makes him an easy person to submit to! (most of the time!) : ) It is such a huge blessing to be in love with my best friend. I don't thank God for the gift of him enough!!

A quick update on Hayley---we ended up scheduling her procedure for Friday, so we would appreciate your prayers for her that day! I am having a hard time figuring out how to order my pictures---blogger has a mind of his own most of the time. Anyway---here are Jack and Hayley helping to make the carrot cake.
Everyone is singing Happy Birthday here.

Attempting to blow out the "trick" candles. Pretty funny!
It was a happy birthday!


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Tra! Seeing you guys grow in your spiritual lives, your marriage, and your family this year has been a great encouragement to us! The Critz family loves you and your family, Tra

Jennifer said...

Looks like Tra had a great birthday. I loved reading about your love for him. I'm so glad that God put the two of you together!

I'll be praying tomorrow for Hayley's procedure.

shawnadesigns said...

we'll say a special prayer for sweet hayley tomorrow. :)