Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From Judy (my mom):
I have officially declared November 7 "Peggy Baldwin Eat-More-Pie Day". Mom would have been 82 tomorrow--what better way to celebrate than to give ourselves permission to eat a big old piece of pie and make a toast (with a cup of coffee, of course) to her on her day!

Anyone who has been craving a bite of something sweet, here is your chance to indulge with no guilt! My mom sent this email out yesterday. We will be having my grandma's infamous Chocolate Merangue Pie over here this evening. She is dearly loved and missed terribly, but oh what a time she is having right now with our Jesus and the other saints who have gone ahead of us. I don't know if we will celebrate our earthly birthdays in heaven anymore, but it is a sweet thought that this is her first b-day with her mom in a really long time. So join us in having a little pie today in memory of my sweet grandma!


Chesley said...

I am not much of a pie person but I will celebrate with peanut M&M's! I hope that is o.k. I started yesterday trying to watch what I am eating and working out again but since a new holiday has been established on this day I will enjoy them for your sweet grandmother. It will be tough but I will make it through and enjoy every single one! :)

Angie said...

Ha ha, read my blog today too. Boy do we love our grandma. Love you Shelma, now shut up and eat your pie!

mindy tyndall said...

Shelly - I cried when I read your post today. Yesterday I was in Walmart and walked past a shelf with the warmest looking blankets and thought, "oh, wouldn't these be great for grannie...". For a brief moment, I forgot we lost her in April. But, I know she is cuddled up in the arms of the Lord and is where she always wanted to be. So, tonight, I had a piece of pie and wrapped up in an afghan that she crocheted for me and sent a prayer of thanks up for 2 beautiful Christian ladies!
Hugs - Mindy

Shelly said...

Thanks for your post---I'm going to get out MY afghan that my grandma made for me and do the same thing in a few minutes when I eat my piece of pie! Grandmas are just so special! I miss mine a LOT! love to you--