Friday, April 16, 2010

Bedtime Talks

I should start recording some of our bedtime conversations with Hayley. Tonight was something like this...

Hayley: Why do you have all those hairs in your nose?
Me: That's how God made me (sweet voice with a forced smile) It keeps out the dirt (my mom always gave me that answer)
Hayley: Ohh, so it's kind of like a GATE?
Me: Ummm, yes, kind of. Mommy's REALLY tired, so I'm going to go to bed---I love you!
Hayley: Can we go somewhere to eat tomorrow? Like Taco Bueno? I love Taco Bueno. They don't have a play place, just all those pictures. That way Riley and Mallory don't get lost and you won't be like, "Hayley, where is Riley? Where is Mallory?"
Me: (with a chuckle) Do I ask that question too often?
Hayley: YES. It drives me crazy. I'm like, "Ok mom, please stop asking that question..."
Me: I'm sorry---I'm not sure if we'll go out to eat tomorrow or not. I love you! (get up and walk to door)
Hayley: Ok. I just can't WAIT to see what God's skin looks like. If it will be dark brown, brown or white? I think it will be one of those?
Me: I know--I can't wait either! Maybe it will be rainbow?
Hayley: LOL. I don't think it would be pink or blue...
Me: Me either (closing door) Love you!
Hayley: I think Jesus is the best man I ever saw. Well, I didn't really SEE him, just in the movies.
Me: I know---he IS the best man. I'm so glad you love him so much. I love you! Goodnight! (try to close door again)
Hayley: I just cannot WAIT to ask God how in the world he got to heaven all by himself first?! I just don't know how that happened!
Me: I know--we have LOTS of questions for Him don't we? I love you! Mommy is VERY tired so I'm going to go to sleep now. I love you guys!
Hayley: (smile) Ok. Love you too..

Meanwhile, Jack is facing the opposite direction almost completely out. I wonder how many words he hears from Hayley every day? The girl can TALK! And I LOVE it!! As exhausting as it is, I treasure these bedtime chats with my girl.

Here is Riley's evening routine:
Me: I love you, Riley! Night night!
Riley: I want my water!
Me: Ok--I'll get your water... (refill cup with water) Here ya go! Night night!
Riley: I want mommy's shadow!
Me: Ok... (stand over her night-light and look up and wave hands while shadow of mommy is on ceiling) Night night Riley! (waving on ceiling)
Riley: I want Jesus died on the cross...
Me: (Make a cross shadow with fingers on ceiling)
Riley: (Giggling) There it is! There's Jesus died on the cross!
Me: Thank you, Jesus...
Riley: ...died on the cross, take away sid (sin), together (so we can all live together), forever (in heaven forever).
Me: I love you---night night! (as I lean over her crib)
Riley: (with a giggle) That's like Em-ee (Emily---cousin/babysitter) That's like Bet-ee (Bethany--babysitter)
Me: Do they lean over your crib like this too? : )
Riley: Yea. (giggle)
Me: I love you---(walk to door) goodnight!
Riley: I love you too! I love you too! I love you too!
Me: I love you too--night night! (start closing door)
Riley: I love you too! I love you too...
Me: I love you too---go to sleep! : ) (close door)
Me: (open door) I love you too, baby! Night night. : ) (close door and hope for silence, all the while eating it up that she wants to keep the conversation going as long as possible. Some nights drag out longer than others with the I love you too's. So cute.)

I LOVE my kids. What a GIFT each one is to me... thank you LORD for the privilege of being mommy to these 4 treasures...Forgive me for EVER having anything but a grateful heart for them!! Thank you for the glimpse I have into how you LOVE YOUR CHILDREN!! To think that your love for me is greater than my love for my kids completely overwhelms me. I rest in that tonight...

ps. I get tickled thinking about my bedtime talks with Tra each night. And me asking after a long ramble about something most likely very important about my day like an update on a friend's blog or facebook status, "Are you awake?" Silence. Long pause. He groggily answers, "Barely." Ha ha! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... : ) We girls just get chatty at bedtime! Those boys are OUT seconds after their head hits the pillow! So funny...